MPAs talking and acting on climate change

Mon, 09/17/2012 - 10:45 — pierrevignes


Moderator: Mar Otero (IUCN Med),

Speakers: Dan Laffoley (IUCN's World Commission), Joaquim Garrabou (Spanish National Research Council), Atef Ouerghi (CAR/ASP)



Climate change has arisen as a major social and environmental concern because of its potentially serious and multiple impacts. It is considered nowadays as one the biggest threats to biodiversity conservation worldwide. Increasing sea level, rising sea water temperature and acidification, higher frequency of extreme events and the spreading of alien invasive species are among the most immediate effects of climate change on oceans and seas (IV-the IPCC Assessment Report).
Its influence on the Mediterranean is being seen in many other aspects and MPAs are
experiencing direct evidence of the effects of climate change on their areas. Despite its importance for biodiversity conservation, obtaining and monitoring information on the most affected species and ecosystems remains a crucial issue for prevention and adaptation. Knowledge on climate effects can help to reevaluate the current set of protected areas, their places, size, layout and design, or conservation measures to use.
A widespread effort to enhance the understanding of the climate change impacts and the direct
consequences for MPA marine ecosystems are an important strategy for the Mediterranean MPA network for an integrated framework to identify these vulnerabilities, inform decision makers on the changes and risks to come and determine the range of mitigation measures and adaptive strategies in the MPAs.



To guide the development of biodiversity conservation in MPAs against the threats of climate
change and identify priorities for action.


Activities & schedule

- Review of the existing monitoring efforts on Climate change impacts on marine biodiversity and existing gaps in MPAs
- Presentation of the strategy orientation for a regional monitoring programme and adaptation alternatives on MPAs and climate change
- TDMedNet initiative
- Discussion on next steps and interests of MPAs: what and how information can be delivered to the MPAs and other stakeholders



Common strategic orientation for the development of biodiversity conservation against the threats of climate change at the Mediterranean MPAs network level and following steps to develop.

- Identify values at risks and vulnerabilities
- Set up monitoring frameworks for marine biodiversity
- Use of adaptive management



A summary of activities by some MedPAN North partners (Zakynthos survey, Port-Cros Observatory,...) together with the launch of the brochure on MPA and climate change will be presented in the Medpan north project stand.

Local degustation will be held during this session.



Focus session organised by IUCN / MedPAN North project
Monday 26 November, 5.00 - 6.00 PM