Quick guide to evaluate Mediterranean MPA management

Mon, 09/17/2012 - 12:23 — pierrevignes


Maria del Mar Otero (IUCN Med), Alain Jeudy (IUCN Med), Marco Costantini (WWF Italy), Milena Tempesta (WWF Italy-Miramare MPA)



At present, there are more that 750 marine and coastal special protected areas in the Mediterranean Sea covering about 144.000 km2. However, in terms of surface area, effectiveness and representativity, the region is still far from reaching the objective of 10% of well-managed Marine Protected Areas by 2020 as agreed by the Parties during the Nagoya Conference in October 2010 (CBD COP 10 – Aichi Target 11). To significantly improve the status and quality of Mediterranean MPAs, there is still progress to be made assessing if objectives are being met, improving management, measuring progress over time and evaluating the effectiveness of protected sites individually as well as as a whole region.

This session aims to present the existing experiences in management effectiveness evaluation using a quick harmonized and simplified tool to assess Mediterranean MPAs and its management under the framework of MedPAN North project (WWF Italy and IUCN).



This side event will introduce participants to the Mediterranean version of a new Quick Methodological and Technical Guide to assess management effectiveness. It is intended for the managers of the marine protected areas of the 21 countries in the Mediterranean basin wishing to prepare themselves on this new procedure to validate a cycle of management effectiveness (self-evaluation and peer-review of the evaluation of other areas).


Activities & schedule

- General presentation on the importance of management effectiveness

- Presentation of the quick guide tool prepared by IUCN and WWF Italy under the MedPAN North project

- Presentation of a case study by one MedPAN North partner

- Presentation of IUCN Green List Initiative of Well Managed Protected Areas

- Q&A session



The results of this session will be immensely useful for improving the present tools for management at the regional scale as well as providing guidance on what types of assistance are needed for the implementation in other sites.




Side event organised by WWF Italy (Miramare MPA) & IUCN Mediterranean Centre / MedPAN North project
Tuesday 27 November, 2.00 - 3.00 PM